The Bible Recap

You Version/Bible Recap 2024 Group Information

What better gift to give yourself for 2024 than reading through the Bible, chronologically, with friends, online, daily, whenever it is convenient for you!

You are invited to join our men’s or women’s online, digital, YouVersion Bible Recap Plan.

Let’s just start out saying …don’t be overwhelmed by this.

We will get out of it what God wants us to get. The goal is to get into the Word and see the story arc of the entire Bible. If you miss a few days, just jump back in where we are. Whatever you do, don’t stop because you miss a day or two or even a month. The evil one does not want you to do this. Get ready for a grand adventure to unlock the story of GOD.

What is the Bible Recap?  

This plan is put together by a woman named Tara Leigh Cobble.  She is quite the speaker and Bible Scholar who has placed herself under the authority of a number of ordained male pastors.  Here is a 3min 30sec vid of people who have gone thru this study before.  How The Bible Plan Affected Me.

This 12 minute talk was done at a pastors conference and we would ask you to listen all the way thru before we begin on January 1. Loving Scripture, Biblical Literacy, & the Future of the Church

Here’s how it works.  Read. Listen. Connect

  • Sign up and become a member of the YouVersion Bible Recap Plan group prior to January 1, 2024.
  • Watch some of the Prep Videos on the Bible Recap Start Page.
  • Subscribe to the Bible Recap Podcast. (see below)
  • Starting January 1, go into the YouVersion App daily and read the designated Bible chapters.
  • Then listen to the 8 minute Bible Recap embedded YouTube video (or the podcast outside of YouVersion) that further explains what was read.
  • Then Comment in the Talk it Over area of the YouVersion App.
  • There is no requirement to comment, but we encourage members to read each other’s comments.

How to sign up:

Send an email to with your desire to join either the men’s or women’s groups and he will forward your info to the plan facilitators. They will reach out to you and get you connected to the group. You will need to have an account on the YouVersion Bible App which is available at no charge on your cell phone or tablet app stores.

How to Subscribe to The Bible Recap Podcast:

  • The Bible Recap podcast appears daily. Decide before January 1 how you want to access the podcasts.
  • For the FIRST TIME EVER the YouTube video recap by Tara-Leigh Cobble will be embedded into the YouVersion App.  So, very simple and easy!
  • These are new each year and can be accessed through the YouVersion App, the Bible Recap YouTube channel or most podcast apps.
  • To subscribe to The Bible Recap YouTube channel click on this link.  Once there, click on “Popular” at the top left to see all the daily videos.  They are marked Day 001/Jan 1, Day 002/Jan 2 etc 
  • This link will take you to The Bible Recap at Apple Podcasts. There are more podcasts links here.
  • Podcasts operate the same as YouTube. Make sure you start with Day 001/Jan 1, Day 002/Jan 2 etc.  

This YouVersion plan is available only for cell phones and tablets. It no longer is available on a computer.