DEACONS - they care about people, they support those in need, and they help with several meaningful experiences
  • They pray for people and check up on people simply to say they care
  • They are available to help when an individual or family who attends Lincoln needs a meal, has an overwhelming need, or a financial crisis.
  • They help with things like communion set up, welcoming visitors, and people who are joining the church.

It is our intention at Lincoln to provide support to all who call Lincoln home. In this regard, anyone who considers Lincoln their church home, will be a part of caring Deacon's connection cluster. Many people are connected to Lincoln through small groups or long time friends, and we know how meaningful those relationships are in life.  Some folks would like a regular monthly or every other month contact from their deacon.  If you are someone who knows that contact from your deacon on a regular basis is not needed, we want to honor your wishes and allow the deacon to simply pray for you.  If this is the case, please let your deacon or the church office know.