Daily Devotional

No Way to Live

by Marcos Schultz on February 12, 2024

Romans 1:29-32 provides us with a list that results from not acknowledging God as God in our lives.

When we shut God out of our lives, it produces…

1)      All manner of unrighteousness

2)      Evil

3)      Covetousness

4)      Malice

5)      Envy

6)      Murder

7)      Strife

8)      Deceit

9)      Maliciousness

10)     Gossip

11)     Slander

12)     Hatred toward God

13)     Insolence

14)     Haughtiness

15)     Boasting

16)     Inventions of evil

17)     Disobedience to parents

18)     Foolishness

19)     Faithlessness

20)     Heartlessness

21)     Ruthlessness

I’m not pointing my crooked finger at anyone ‘cept the guy in the mirror. But I do want to point out the obvious- that’s not a very good list!

Might it be wise to accept Jesus Christ and the good work He wants to do in our lives? 

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