Daily Devotional


by Barbara Head on February 21, 2024

“Gather the pieces that are left over.  Let nothing be wasted.” (John 6:12)

One of the luxuries of living in our wealthy country is being able not only to enjoy hearty meals, but to have leftovers the next day.  Sometimes these taste even better the second time around.  While anyone can bring out and serve leftovers, it’s amazing what good, creative cooks can do to whip up something fresh and new using what was part of yesterday’s meal.   Some of the cooking shows even feature youngsters displaying their culinary skills by creating dishes out of limited resources, proving that amazing transformations can take place in the hands of a master artisan.

Jesus is the Master Artisan who invites us to bring our “leftovers” to Him for re-creation.  What are the fragments left behind when we are bereft of loving relationships, hopes and dreams yet unfulfilled, losses brought about by poor health and/or old age?  Jesus sees the possibilities if we are willing to surrender to Him whatever we have left.  For as the song writer says, “Little Is Much When God Is In It.” Any unfinished business left over from last year? Make this a year of accountability to self and others. As Christ took the five loaves and two fish and multiplied them, He wants to multiply our bits and pieces of life to His own glory.  Looking back on painful experiences can have value for lessons learned, such as compassion for others in similar circumstances, so all is not lost if God uses us to minister comfort to others with a testimony of how God showed up.  No time for personal devotions or prayer?  Fragments of time throughout the day can become precious prayer times, such as on that drive to work. An entire chapter of scripture may be difficult to recall, but the Holy Spirit can bring one word, verse or phrase to mind at just the moment it is needed.  Just can’t do what you used to do?  Hosting a small group or mentoring a young Believer may be a new calling in your new season of life. 

Remember: the smaller the fragment, the greater God’s glory as He takes it, blesses it, multiplies and distributes it to enrich your own life and the life of others.

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