Daily Devotional

Christmas Fables

by Jon Hathorn on December 02, 2023

Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call Him Immanuel” Isaiah 7:14

December is full of a certain level of enthusiasm, anticipation of giving and receiving, special holiday scents and foods, memories of some incredible gifts and meals, and an abundance of seasonal songs. 

It is also a time where reality and amusement clash.  Or at least it should be clashing.  The word “muse” means “to think or thought,” which means that one definition of  “amuse” would be “to not have thought” or “without thinking.” The word “reality” means “what is true”.

Let’s be honest for a moment. Do reindeer really know how to fly? Is Santa really the key person and meaning of Christmas? Did the little boy only want his two front teeth?  How fast can a sleigh travel in one night? So people who live in warm weather climates actually dream of a White Christmas?  Do people actually fit down chimneys?

As I think about Christmas, I realize and ponder at least 5 important facts that should be completely understood and repeated over and over again by believers. 

  1. There was promise made that God would come to earth to save the people from their sin.
  2. There was a moment and place in time when “Jesus Christ was born.”
  3. The shepherds, the common man, were told this story and went to witness this birth.
  4. Mary was the mom, God was the father. Joseph was simply the man who raised Him. 
  5. Since the very beginning there have people like the innkeeper who missed it all. 

Let’s use our brains, read and study the Biblical story, and remember that He loves us and these five facts are not fables but a true story.

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