Daily Devotional

One Infinite God

by Barbara Zumwalt on July 10, 2024

“Great is the LORD, and highly to be praised. And His greatness is unsearchable.” Psalm 145:3

Recently I was in a discussion with a physicist. Most of it went over my head. But it also got me to thinking about God, who is infinite, and our world, which is finite.

There are four known dimensions, and the three spatial ones operate with the same rules.

We can go forward or backward. We can go left or right. We can go up or down. All along this continuums, we can go in either direction and at any speed.

But the fourth dimension, time, is an anomaly. It operates differently. We can only go one way, and always at the same pace.

Why is it different? Because it is less about physics than the One who created physics. And we know God created physics: He created order out of chaos.

He is BIG. No matter how far we go up or down, forward or back, left or right, He is there. 

Time will come to an end. We will still go forward and backward, up and down, left and right, filling all of the measureless expanse with praises to our Savior. And these praises will never come to an end, because without the anomaly of time, there will be no ending.

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