Here For Good.

We embarked on a campaign determined to make a LONG TERM COMMITMENT to MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the lives of people.  We committed more strongly than ever to help people KNOW GOD, by continuing to love people and providing quality and meaningful worship services.  We also committed more strongly than ever to help people FIND FREEDOM in life by providing many opportunities of connection and be able to do life together in groups of Bible Study and quality relationships. Thirdly, we reaffirmed the concept and practice of helping people DISCOVER PURPOSE in choosing to help people find their identity more in Jesus Christ than anything else - not in their wealth, their jobs, possessions or abilities.  Lastly we recommitted ourselves to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the Word - both in our local neighborhood and all around the world.  Not just talking but doing.  Not just praying but getting involved.   One tangible result was the building of a New Activity Center.  We want this to be a hub of connection, a center for activities that help people KNOW GOD, FIND FREEDOM, DISCOVER PURPOSE, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  This building is for God's Glory, celebrating who He is and helping us build bridges to reaching people. 

Thus says the Lord, ... "Build...and plant... and seek the peace and good of the city where I have sent you...Pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its good you will have good."  
- Jeremiah 29:4,7 

Building Fund

As you pray over your potential giving, please note that you can give monthly, quarterly, or annually. Every gift matters. Every gift honors God. Every gift can be an adventure of faith.