21 Days of Prayer & Feasting Guide

Associate Pastor

In September 2019, Pastor Jon accepted the call to become Lincoln’s Pastor/Head of Staff. Now the search for a new Assistant/Associate Pastor at Lincoln has officially begun. Under ECO, the authority for selecting the Assistant/Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) belongs to Session. The APNC will work parallel with Pastor Jon to recommend the hiring of the new Assistant/Associate Pastor. To make the distinction between “Assistant Pastor” and “Associate Pastor”, the Assistant Pastor is voted on and approved by Session. Once that occurs, the new Assistant Pastor is ready to be hired. An Associate Pastor is an ordained minister in ECO, voted on and approved by the Congregation, and is voted on and approved by our ECO Presbytery. If the APNC recommends hiring an Assistant Pastor, the goal is to have this person eventually ordained in ECO. 

Church Profile for the Assistant/Associate Pastor

Action point - we ask that you be in continual prayer. Please pray for the person God has as Lincoln’s next Assistant/Associate Pastor, that they prepare their heart for the call to come to Lincoln. Pray for the APNC to have discernment, wisdom, patience and unity during the search process. Pray for our congregation, that this will be a time of unity and support. We know God loves Lincoln and this knowledge allows us to positively anticipate what He has next for our church.