LPC is committed to Making a Difference locally & globally.

Our focus is the GOSPEL. 


Giving | Opportunities | Sharing | Praying | Educating | Loving


Jesus commanded that we go into all the world and share the gospel.  We have carefully chosen several people and organizations who Make a Difference in various parts of the world.  These partnerships are important as we remain faithful to Jesus’ command.

Thailand, India, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Spain, Mexico, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya

For security reasons, we keep the specific identity of our global partners off the website.


There are organizations and people in the local area who Make a Difference and are experts at caring and sharing the gospel. We support several organizations through prayer, finances, and finding ways to come alongside and love people right along with them. Our AFFILIATES are supported in prayer and recognition.

Paula Leary
Directions Medical is a Christian faith-based ministry providing a confidential, safe, loving place when young men and women can discuss their situation.

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Jill Denton 
Providing programs at Juvenile Hall and public schools to help students overcome life circumstances.

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Wayne Richardson & Britton Kimball 
Providing food, shelter and second chances in hopes that every student will meet Christ and become a responsible person.

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Bob & Lisa Margaron
Giving faith, hope and love to inner city children and their families.

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One of our Affiliates 
Reaching and partnering with local youth leaders to share Christ on the local high school and college campuses, and encouraging involvement in local churches.

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IIana Ferguson 
Reaching future leaders through evangelism, discipleship Bible studies and prayer at the University of the Pacific and Delta College.

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Mike & Becky Sexton
Bible-based evangelism and discipleship for children.

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One of our Affiliates
Printing and distributing the Word of God in schools, prisons, motels, hospitals and all around the world.

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One of our Affiliates
The Lord’s Gym is more than a gym, it is dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals and together transforming the local community of Stockton.

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One of our Affiliates
Caring about the people of Stockton, “one meal and one prayer at a time”.