Daily Devotional

The Best Medicine

by Lorna Zink on April 07, 2021

"Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed..."  Jeremiah 17:14

When I was growing up, I thought medicine was pills and shots. As an adult, I bought the Readers’ Digest book “Humor, The Best Medicine” and in fact, came to believe it. One man claimed to have been healed by watching comedy on television and/or in movies. Even doctors started talking about the importance of laughter. I was fortunate to grow up in a home where all of us had a good sense of humor. My father’s laugh was contagious.

It was when I developed serious health issues that I changed my mind in 2018. People were praying for me in Stockton, Elk Grove and Long Beach. I was on church prayer lists. I was given a prayer quilt from the quilting group, and 2 separate friends sent me prayer shawls. My friend Kathleen told me people’s prayers were keeping me uplifted - I agreed. Peggy Heskett allowed me to come into her home to recuperate on 3 occasions. I experienced God’s provision of love & caring. It strengthened my faith. I know now it isn’t humor that is the best medicine -- it is love. Thank You, God!

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