Daily Devotional

Forever Thankful

by Jon Hathorn on November 24, 2022

"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever."  Psalm 118:1

When I was in elementary school, I remember learning a word in math, it was the word "infinite." I don't remember all the specifics about it, but I do remember it meaning an endless order of numbers on both the positive side as well as the negative side.  Never ending, it just keeps going and going - one more number after the previous number.  It was a bit challenging to understand. I wanted to comprehend the end of all numbers, but there wasn't an end.

Later that year, I remember studying science, and there being a discussion about our solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy.  The question being asked was, "Where is the end of the universe?"  What an incredible question.  Then I asked the teacher, "If there is an end to the universe, what's on the other side of it?"

Never ending, ongoing, and continuous - these words are powerful, and they lend themselves to the power of eternity and not stopping.  We should always be thankful, but the truth is, some things are so common - we forget to be thankful.  How about this, as you enjoy Thanksgiving day, I pray that you and I would both take a special moment to simply be thankful.  Here's a starter list to be thankful for today that you might not always remember: 

  1. That the sun still worked and you felt its warmth.
  2. For wonderful memories of smell and tastes.
  3. For the words of affirmation that you have heard in your life.
  4. For that time you heard a joke and laughed.
  5. For that time you were in a hurry and you knew where your keys were.
  6. When you remembered your password.
  7. The brakes worked on your car or that other person's car.
  8. The gas station wasn't closed yet.
  9. You just saw a new born baby being held.
  10. When you saw the beautiful colors of a sunset.
  11. Someone held the door open for you.
  12. You found that french fry you dropped.
  13. When you wadded the paper and tossed it toward the garbage can and it went in.
  14. When you turned on the water and it was warm.
  15. When the electrical cord was long enough to reach the outlet.

 God is good. Thank you Lord for the memories!

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