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April 15

by Jon Hathorn on April 15, 2020

Dear Lincoln Family,

 In the next few years there will be many stories told about something that took place in our Activity Center. Someone will share about being invited to hear a concert and they were blessed by being here and enjoying the presence of God. Another will share about coming to play in a basketball, volleyball, or indoor soccer league and being loved by a coach who told them about Jesus Christ. Still others will speak of getting food for their family and eventually getting food for their soul, just because someone cared. We will hear passionate stories and see displays of God's work all around the world that we support at Mission's Gatherings. And there will be testimonies of God repairing marriages, encouraging parents, who have come to seminars to build better relationships within the family. What story will you help write, what ministry mindset can you help advance? Your dreams and your service is important. When someone asks me about the building, my answer is, "It's a place where our church members help others to KNOW GOD, FIND FREEDOM, DISCOVER PURPOSE, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of others. The activities are to help others know and love God, to help us know and love people, and to bring the two together in Jesus Christ."

I love you guys,




PS - I have to be honest, my first basketball shot was a little off and didn't go in.

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